Tropical evergreen forests

Tropical evergreen forests are found in the the wet areas of Thailand that experience high rainfall and no dry period (UNEP). Evergreen forests are green year round, constantly shedding old leaves and growing new leaves.

Please click to see the UNFAO overview of Thailand's forests. See the "Tropical evergreen forest resources" below the Land Cover of Thailand map for more resources on tropical evergreen forests.

Tropical evergreen forest resources:

Detailed overview of tropical evergreen forest characteristics from Radford University Georgraphy Department.

Tropical evergreen forest information from the Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals.

General information about flora species in Thailand from the National Park of Thailand, BKF Office of the Flora Herbarium.

Although outdated, this map from the Environment Assessment Program for Asia and the Pacific follows the 2010 UN FAO Forestry country information for Thailand.

Content for this page retrieved April 21, 2011 from UNEP, Environment Assessment Program for Asia and the Pacific,, KEW Royal Botanic Gardens,, and Caltech University